Introducing Cliftoria – The Attic

Cliftoria ground attic plan-001

Most modern buildings don’t come with attics. However Cliftoria was built in a time of attics and servants. Almost certainly these rooms were for servants to live in. The stairs to the attic are narrower and the rooms have oddly shaped ceilings. When Cliftoria was converted to flats in 1925 the attic became flat number 5 as its number is still on the door at the top of the stairs. A 2 bedroom flat. You can see that this part of the building follows the shape of the lower floors with the rear not being as wide as the front of the building. There is no apparent water damage in any of these rooms so I suspect the leaks are in the roof areas below these rooms. Possibly in the bottom part of the “V” of the roof line between the two sets of rooms.

I’ll start with the linkage areas before moving on to the living room and clockwise around the plan.

Here is the door.


On the left are the blue carpeted stairs to go down. On the right is the red carpeted corridor linking all the attic rooms.


This is the corridor. The first door on the left is to the bathroom. The two end doors lead to the two bedrooms.


Living Room 4.8 x 4 m


A gas heater and a chimney on this end of the living room.


The other end of the living room looking across the corridor to the open “front” door of the flat. And yes. There is a bed in the living room.

Kitchen 3.7 x 3.5 m


A useful sized kitchen and one of three inside Cliftoria.

Bathroom 1.8 x 2.1 m


Who paints a floor black?

Bedroom 5 x 4.4 m


One end of the large bedroom.


Looking back the other way and across the corridor to the pink bedroom.


The view out the window with the park to the right.

Bedroom 3 x 4.4 m


There appears to be a couple of chimneys joining on the far wall. Our first painting job in the first house we bought was repainting the pink bedroom to a colour called Queen Anne’s Lace, which is a yellow tint. I suspect that this room may also have the benefit of an early repaint.

One response to “Introducing Cliftoria – The Attic

  1. Amazing shaped rooms and ceiling in the attic!
    The condition of the house is very patchy. There are some lovely features in good condition next to parts that are gutted and falling apart. It’s going to be an adverture indeed.
    The house is brilliant though.

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