Introducing Cliftoria – The Cellar





All big old houses need a cellar and Cliftoria comes with one.


This is the entrance to the cellar on our first visit. As the power has been shut off for some time the drains had let in rainwater which had partially flooded the cellar. After our visit the real estate agents brought in a pump and emptied the cellar. On Auction day the cellar wasn’t open and it had slipped my mind on that emotionally wrought day to investigate it again. The two photos below are from the real estate agents website showing that it is quite large and appears to have a waterlogged organ in one corner. I’m strongly considering getting a marine bilge pump system with the solar panels and setting it up as a back up system. Our current plans for this space are very nebulous as neither of us have been inside the cellar. Having said that storing some wine and making it look like a speakeasy does sound interesting.



2 responses to “Introducing Cliftoria – The Cellar

  1. Solar pump sounds like a good idea – that looks like a wooden pillar. I picture one of the former inhabitants playing spooky organ music in the cellar…

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