Introducing Cliftoria – Miscellaneous bits

One of the miscellaneous bits is the staircase. It isn’t any particular floor but a linkage between them all. From the ground floor to the First floor it is quite wide with landings. The last bit from the first floor to the attic is much steeper and narrower. Also at the top there is a height issue and taller people may or may not bump their heads. If we are to change any element of the stair case we will do it last. It makes no sense to make the staircase pretty if we are still moving building materials for other projects up and down.


Looking up from the mid floor landing


Looking down from the mid floor landing to the main hallway intersection.


The simple stained glass window at the first landing


The ceiling rose above the landing. We will have to get a more appropriate light fitting than a bare bulb.


Looking down from near the attic. These steps are much narrower and steeper than the first set. At the top left of this picture you can only just see a tiny shadow triangle which is part of the building. As I went down the steps there is not a lot of head room and it came quite close to the top of my head. I suspect this wouldn’t be allowed in a modern building.


This is our driveway that leads to the back garden. While it is our land the driveway is on, the next door neighbor also shares it. The sitting room is on the right with the stables and one of its chimneys in the right centre of this picture.



In the back garden looking towards the stables and Cliftoria behind.


The West end of the stables.


The service area showing 5 gas meters for use by the five flats Cliftoria once was. Cliftoria had been made into 5 flats in 1925 and only de-flatted in the last year. It was flats for about 87 years. This has become an interesting point in dealing with paperwork. Many of the services haven’t been told that Cliftoria is now no longer five flats. We will have  council people making an inspection to verify that it is no longer five flats before they will change the sewerage rates. The insurance company had first asked which flat we wanted insured. I don’t think we have approached the gas and electric people yet but they are on the list. We certainly do not want to be paying 5 annual connection fees for everything.


I think this is a window to one of the rear bathrooms or maybe a back porch that will have to be fixed sooner than later. The crack is not an issue according to our structural engineer report.


Here you can see that the footpath runs beneath our front balcony.


So this post completes my introduction to Cliftoria. This will be a huge project. But one that should be fun.




3 responses to “Introducing Cliftoria – Miscellaneous bits

  1. Did you use a wide-angle lens in the back-yard photo? If not, it’s _huge_ you lucky thing. I love the old-fasioned informality of the land use – shared driveway on your land – built out over the footpath! Or is it that the council have built the road over what should be the footpath as the house has already provided one?

  2. I didn’t use a wide angle lens. The block is about 18 x 50 = 900 m2 but the house is right at one end so the amount of land in the back yard is maximised.
    Next door’s block of land (Lot B Plan DP101570) is 9 x 50 m and so is about the width of the house. So there is a right of way so they can get into their backyard.
    As to the footpath and balcony I’m guessing it was just how it was back in the day. I’ve been searching for older photographs of the house but have yet to find one more than a few years ago.

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