Waiting for Settlement

Gah! Waiting and waiting for the paperwork to be done and settlement to happen is quite annoying. Especially as I worry about further damage from each wet day until we can get the roof worked on.  Also the settlement date may be pushed out a few days due to extra paperwork. Such is life.

Meanwhile I can add a picture of Cliftoria from about six years ago. I think 2008. It is from the NSW Environment and Heritage site.  http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/heritageapp/ViewHeritageItemDetails.aspx?id=2933090


128 Cliftoria Heritage picture

It looks nicer without the broken front window. The large number of hanging baskets may not have had living plants in them as there are so many plastic plants left in the house. The vine on the left side had obviously taken over that side of the building. It has obviously been restrained and heavily pruned since this picture was made. I’m unsure about what we do with it as there is still quite a lot left growing on the house. On the one hand it does provide cooling of the house in Summer. On the other hand it can also cause damage. It is certainly something to investigate once we get the keys.

And the waiting and dreaming and planning continues…

One response to “Waiting for Settlement

  1. Hi John, Thanks for following my blog, Our Bungalow’s 2nd Century! I stopped by yours to see what you have going on. Cliftoria is fascinating! I’m looking forward to following your adventures. Good luck–you have a big job on your hands, but it will be great to see this wonderful house restored! –D’Arcy

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