Waiting for Godot or Settlement

Settlement postponed.

This was meant to be the day we had the keys for Cliftoria in our hands. Unfortunately this has not happened.

Plan B is now in action. Results expected in a week or two. More details at that time.

Lessons learned.

  1. Do not buy at auction unless you have the price in cash.
  2. You can’t always trust a bank.
  3. Mortgage Brokers turn out to be not very useful at getting a loan.


To take my mind off the paperwork here are some more pictures.
SONY DSCThis is the view down the main hallway and out the Front door.



A close up of the stained glass above the door. While I’m only guessing I’m doubtful that this is original to the 1870s. Could it be from 1925 when the house was turned into flats? Or a very modern reproduction installed in the last couple of decades? Further investigation is needed but I think and hope it may be 1925.

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