Mortgage signed – Add new level to Deal with Banks skill

Mortgage acquired

Today we took a huge stride towards getting the keys. Today we signed mortgage papers. Yay!

I’ve been very glad that Sharen has been dealing with the banks, I’ve been wildly outraged ever since our first bank decided that, even though we had organised a pre-approval for the loan with them, they were not going to give us the loan for Cliftoria. They decided a 130 odd year old building with some work to do was too risky. I’m sure they would have approved a Mc Mansion in a new suburb. You can imagine our surprise when they told us no 17 days into the 30 day settlement period. Plan B was finding another bank to quickly step in and that has worked. Yay!

The next thing we do is have a pre-settlement inspection of the property, which is scheduled in the next day or so.

In the mean time various banks are delving into their secret vaults to find title deeds for a swap of paperwork early next week. With a smidgen of luck we should finally get the keys on Wednesday.

A hallway


I suddenly noticed I had a picture of the hallway that runs parallel to the front of the house on the ground floor. I thought I hadn’t taken any pictures of hallways on auction day because there were so many people milling throughout the house. I tried very hard not to include random people in my pictures. Through the archway you can see the first flight of stairs up and the small window for the room that is under the stairs. I really like the deep blue runner carpet, with its yellow borders, that runs through all the halls and stairs for the ground and first floor.

2 responses to “Mortgage signed – Add new level to Deal with Banks skill

    • Thanks for the finger crossing. Finally it seems to be coming together. Getting the keys is now re-re-re-scheduled for Thursday. We hope. It is looking much more probable than the earlier dates.

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