Settlement completed. Finally.

The title really says it all. Today settlement was achieved between three banks. Now we own Cliftoria with one bank and simply have to pay out the mortgage. I’ve always found paying it is much easier than organising it. Many thanks to Sharen who did that organising. I really had to stay out of negotiations as my patience become nil after the first couple of months of banking shenanigans. I’m normally a very calm person. However talking about banks has me raising my voice astonishingly quickly. Anyway it is done. Tomorrow we go to pick up the keys and wander around Cliftoria basking in the ownership vibes. With a bit of luck we may even get the power on.


This picture was taken during the inspection last Saturday when there was a little light drizzle. I was enjoying the look of the column and balustrade on the back porch and the small pine trees against the grey skies. The arty effect of a couple of drops on the lens. Then I noticed that some plant (vines?) that appears to be growing out of the end of the gutter. That can’t be good.  Can it?

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