A day of measurement

I spent most of today measuring the rooms on the ground floor. Interestingly most ground floor rooms have a 3.2 metre high ceiling. That is around ten feet. The biggest room is 9.85 x 3.3 m. I’ve started to work out how the flats might have been arranged. Some of the details in the building are very nice indeed. In between I was wandering around trying to grok Cliftoria as a building. I moved a few things around and hung up a cat picture I found in a cupboard. I started to get an impression of the different rooms. As the day moved on the light coming in from the windows changed the character of some of the rooms. It was quite fun to notice in the afternoon that as I walked up the stairs I went though the blue light from the stained glass window. After key day I had been feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the task we have started. Now I feel that it is very doable but will take quite some time.


I have discovered a whole new water issue in that I think a pipe has broken or leaking significantly in a ground floor bathroom.


The rust marks from the bath vents is not a good sign. With the water turned on a dribble of water ran down from the vents and into the bathroom drain hole that is located conveniently close. Turning off the mains stopped the water flowing. That means we need to get a plumber in sooner than later so we can keep the mains water turned on. They can deal with the pipes floating in mid-air in the ex-kitchens at the same time.

The building’s name


We have been told by many people that the name, as seen above, was spelt wrong. So my first small job has been to fix it. Fortunately I had packed a hand drill as we don’t have electricity yet.


Fixed!! One task completed. I’ll fill in the unused holes before we paint the outside again. Although that won’t be happening any time soon.


The being flats in the past thing has struck again. We tried to arrange to have the power turned on and had a report that they did but then that it wasn’t. We had a new account created but with a business tariff, which we said wasn’t us. Eventually we discovered what the issue is. Even though we had told them about the multiple meters they hadn’t really heard what we were saying.  Apparently we need to get a “Class 2” electrician to rewire the power board so that we have only one meter instead of the current six (Flats 1 to 5 and a communal meter). After that is completed then they will come back and turn the power on. That was what I thought would have to happen but it has taken about a week to sort out the process with the power companies.

Bathroom Window

The western ground floor bathroom seemed awfully dark. Upon investigation it appears that the small window has been taken out of its frame and a board bolted across the whole window frame. I think I have found the window in the back yard. It is missing its glass so it is a wooden rectangle that isn’t very sturdy. I’ve brought it home to work on it. De-paint the parts that need it. De-putty and clean it up. Then re-seal it and get a sheet of glass to make it a proper window again.

Hopefully this blog of our renovation adventures isn’t too boring. I’m finding it quite fun to write though. I’m also looking forward to reading it in the future and say things like “Remember that the name was misspelt on the building for years”, etc

4 responses to “A day of measurement

  1. The great thing about a renovation blog is that it serves the purpose of documenting what you’ve done. Mine has come in so handy to find where I ran electrical wire or a plumbing run. It amazes me that so many follow my little blog – so don’t worry – you’ll have plenty like me that will love to follow along. Happy renovating.

  2. “Hopefully this blog of our renovation adventures isn’t too boring.”
    Not boring at all, although now that you’ve got the keys and are talking concrete renovation/problem solving stuff the engagement level has stepped up a notch. Keep it up!

  3. Definitely not boring! We old-house renovators love to hear others’ stories. Makes us feel less crazy to know we aren’t the only ones! Plus, you have a really, really interesting house … so keep on!

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