Wallpaper found pre-1925

There is no wallpaper to be seen in the entire house as all the walls have been painted. I only noticed this wallpaper when I took down a small (2cm) piece of plaster that was dangling over a missing doorway in the long room on the ground floor. The reason it was dangling was because it was still attached to some wallpaper. It is quite a subtle pattern.


If you click on the above picture and then again to enlarge it you can see the wall paper is there in the top part of the two unpainted strips. It looks like darker dirt on the top part of each column on either side of the archway. I hadn’t noticed it until now. Most of it is above eye height as the ceilings and that archway are very high. I don’t know how many times I walked right by it without noticing. But now I know it is there it appears quite obvious.

I managed to detach a larger piece of the wallpaper from there and brought it home. I gently washed it to get the dust off. The walls had been put up in 1925 so this wallpaper is at least 88 years old. We still don’t know how old the house is as most sources list circa 1870s although one suggested the 1860s due to potential Georgian architectural influences. But we do have a date of September 1925 when the flats were completed. So the wallpaper has been locked away behind those walls all this time and so avoided being painted over.


The wallpaper.

We will put some wallpaper up in at least the two front rooms so we will be using this to help guide us in selecting the pattern. As I don’t know anything about early Australian Wallpaper I guess more research is needed to find out how old it might be. I’m pretty sure I can live with this pattern. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if I can find any different wallpaper elsewhere in Cliftoria.

2 responses to “Wallpaper found pre-1925

  1. What are you going to do with it?
    I’ve been collecting what I find and will eventually do some kind of display. To be honest I’ve only found a few old coins, a tram ticket, a card from a cereal box and a few buttons.

  2. I’m not 100% sure at the moment. I’m thinking we do need to keep the things we find. Initially it will be a simple cardboard box. As almost every room has been stripped of most things I doubt we will find much but every bit is part of the buildings history. I hope to set up a shelf in a “Victorian” display cabinet at some point.

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