Waiting for the gas men

The joys of dealing with a partial conversion from flats to a house continues. My casual job finished on Friday (two weeks short of a year’s work) when they finally filled the position with a new staff member. So on a workday (Monday) I was waiting at Cliftoria for the gas men to turn up.  They were very timely and said there was no issues in joining the five gas pipes on the wall above the five meters into only one pipe linked to a single meter. Once that is done they will put a pressure meter onto the line and check for leaks. With the way some of the work has been done in the house I would not be surprised if a gas pipe has been damaged. After that work has been done we get to contact ACTEWAGL to take away the other four meters.  The actual work has been scheduled for later this week. With gas connected we get the use of hot water for showers and a couple of gas stoves. I’m looking forward to that as the house really becomes habitable at that point.

I’ll be there very early tomorrow for the arrival of the water plumbers. Their job is to remove the water pipes hanging in the air, which were left over from removing two of the kitchens.  More importantly they will fix the broken pipe in the ground floor east bathroom. The plumbers were initially here on quote day, which is now more than two weeks ago.  They did find the location of that particular bathroom’s cut off water valve (outside and under the bathroom window) and turn it off on that visit. I’m looking forward to this fix because then I will feel confident about leaving the mains water on. I have been very concerned that someone could accidentally knock the exposed pipes and end up with water everywhere. Currently I have been turning the mains water on at the start of a visit and turning it off when leaving.

I have done some more gardening and moved all the dead vines into a back corner of the garden. On Sunday a visiting friend with gardening expertise walked around the back garden with me pointing out some of the features and issues with it.  We apparently have two bushes that are listed as a noxious weed in NSW. As they are very spiky I have no compulsion in destroying them and will do so next visit. While most of the vines are not very invasive there is a patch of ivy on the stables that is hard to eradicate. I’ll have to be very committed on removing every last bit. It regenerates very easily from roots and broken bits. I can see that it covered a much larger area not long ago and has caused extensive damage to the wall of windows on that side of the stables. Robin also suggested removing a few eucalyptus gum tree saplings. These saplings are already five or six metres high but can grow to many times that height. I feel that gum trees do not work with the concept of a Victoria garden that we are aiming for.

One meeting that we hoped to have on Monday was with the heritage officer. Alas it has been postponed for a week due to her illness. I do hope that this meeting will go well. We will have a much better idea of what is, and is not, possible afterwards.

With all the delays on getting quotes into our hands (none of the three roofing people have provided an actual quote yet but all had good reasons when I called them yesterday) and getting any actual work done I’m thinking things will be moving even slower than I had expected. Sharen has already used the fateful words that we want to move in before Christmas.  I’m hoping the “Grand Designs” curse will not strike now that those words have been spoken.

Finally a picture of Cliftoria’s front balcony as seen from under a similar balcony of a house further down the street.


One response to “Waiting for the gas men

  1. I live in Goulburn and have always admired this house. We were there on auction day really wishing we were in the position to buy it. I’m so glad that it was sold to somebody that will give it the love and attention it deserves. I’ll be following this blog with great interest 🙂

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