It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas.

The gas men have been and amalgamated all the pipes into one that runs to one meter. We still have to contact the Gas company to remove the four unused meters but from now on we have gas. As we will be working on different areas at different times over the next few years I thought a good thing to have would be valves on the pipes so we can turn off a section and still have gas in the rest of the house.

SONY DSCFour meters now not connected

It looks quite elegant and steam punk in all its copper glory. Fortunately I noted which pipe goes where before the change so I know which valve controls which area. From left to right the flats are 2, 1, 4, 3, and 5.

SONY DSC  Five valves to control five areas and one valve on the meter to rule them all

Unfortunately having gas doesn’t mean we have hot water yet. The hot water system we want to use seems to have a bit of a problem with its pilot light and valve not working as it should. The gas men have promised to come back to fix it as they had run out of time on the day. With working gas stoves and hot water we can move in.

The last couple of days has also seen a team of 3 cleaners working on the baseboards, carpets, windows, 4 kitchens, and 5 bathrooms.  The rooms without carpets were mopped.  One guy spent a couple of hours simply removing spider webs. The entire house looks a lot better. Smells better too as a deodoriser was used on the carpets. I’m a lot happier about being in Cliftoria as I have a minor cat allergy.  If a cat is patted in the same room as me, my eyes start watering and I’ll start sneezing. Otherwise I can and have lived with cats. I like them but I choose not to live with a cat when I have a cat choice. A white cat had been having the run of the house and left a lot of white fur on the deep blue carpets. Having it all gone has made me feel much better. There wasn’t enough time or people to make everything perfectly clean. However a huge part of Cliftoria is now much, much cleaner. It was very worthwhile spending the money to remove some of the long-term spider webs, dust, grime, fur, etc.

I have also done some gardening with heavy pruning. Fixed the small gate on the service area so that it swings properly and its catch works to hold it closed. I’ve also removed some of the mega garden lighting system. There are wires and lights all over the place. It obviously was set up quite some time ago and doesn’t work any more.

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