The Case of the Missing Hot Water System

The Case of the Missing Hot Water System

I have solved the mystery of the missing hot water system for the attic flat. For the last few weeks I had been looking for it everywhere. I tracked the hot water pipes back into the walls. I looked in every room of the attic. I checked out every enclosed void I could. I took photographs of the roof from the ground and searched in vain for evidence of a hot water system. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Neither could the tradespeople or anyone else I asked to hunt for it.

Finally I took desperate measures to find it. I stood on the tiny black platform in the top part of the stair well, near the door to the attic. Perched on this tiny but sturdy point I peered upwards and out of the small skylight placed in the ceiling here. Squinting through the wired glass of the skylight I could just make out a small white box attached to the outside of the attic bathroom’s wall. There it was! This is an instant gas water heater. Its power cable is lying on the roof outside the bathroom window. In order to provide electricity to the heater the plug would have to be brought in through the window and, using an extension lead, plugged into the power point in the bathroom. I have no idea why it would have been installed in such an obscure location. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

The black shelf/platform on the right of the blue carpet is where you can stand and the skylight is just above in the white part of the ceilingSONY DSC

Looking through the skylight to the water heater box on the outside bathroom wall

Visit of the Council’s Heritage Officer

On Monday we had the Council’s Heritage Officer visit and chat about guidelines and processes. It was quite convenient that her arrival was on a day of rain so we could show her the water in the first floor kitchen from the box gutter issue. She will fast track the council letter approving the repair work for the roof. Cliftoria is listed on the Local Environment Plan as a heritage building. Therefore any work to the building’s external parts need to be “approved” or at least informed to the council. Repair work is normally approved without much hassle. We are still working on getting quotes from the roofing contractors who looked at it so long ago. One is certainly in the lead as he has made contact with us a couple of times.

Services are go!

Finally we have water, electricity, and gas all connected and working and being read via single meters. A minor repair on a gas hot water service and we now have hot water in the rear part of the first floor. The gas stove works in that kitchen too.  So we can move in now. Yay!

Moving has started

I’ve actually started moving things from our house to Cliftoria, which is a good sign that the move will happen by Christmas.


I’ve mowed the lawn again today. I’ve also got down some of the long dead vines from near the front of the house as well as some more of the newer vines.


There is a helipad on the next block up the street for the hospital. This is the first helicopter I have watched take off from it. The helicopter flew quite close over the houses on the other side of the street before turning to fly in a Sydney direction.

SONY DSCTaken from the balcony

One response to “The Case of the Missing Hot Water System

  1. It is wonderful that you have found the missing hot water tank. However as your mother in law I would seriously prefer you not to go “climbing” and standing on small poles no matter how sturdy they appear to be.

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