Checking out a Victorian kitchen garden

The other weekend we went to Kentgrove in Goulburn to see their new Victorian kitchen garden.  They have converted an old tennis court into the garden. We were there to gain some ideas as we feel we need a proper Victorian kitchen garden. To go with everything else we are doing.


Entrance to the garden for the climate change day of action

SONY DSCPatterned Raised Beds


Raspberries growing on supports with Asparagus growing in between. What a great idea! I’m going to use it.


Celery growing in pipes


What a great urn. Errr.. Plant pot?


The water feature with water chestnuts.


Chicken man drawing the door prize. Alas not for us.


The weather vane with the ominous clouds that drove us away

General news

I started some casual work a week and a half ago. So activity on Cliftoria has plummeted as my days are taken up with being at work. The money is nice though. I am growing somewhat frustrated though in not being able to get things done at Cliftoria. So the frequency of posting may slow down a tad. Things are still moving ahead. At least we now have all the services running. Hot water for showers as well.


Sharen has been dealing with the bureaucracy inherent in changing our electric meters from six to one. We are caught in a genuine Catch 22 where we can’t have our account activated because we are now a residential house. They keep sending people out to make an initial meter reading but they won’t activate it because it comes back as a business rate which needs a business name and that isn’t on the form. We then get a phone call asking for our business name and we say we are not a business and so do not have a business name to give. Then we ask for the account to be activated with a  residential tariff. However it can’t be changed to the residential tariff until the power is “on”. So they send another person (maybe the same one) out to turn it “on”. It comes back as a business rate again. And the rate can’t be changed until it has been turned on. I think we have lost count of how many times this cycle has occurred. I’m not so concerned as the electricity stays on all the time due to some state legislation that says the power must stay connected to residential homes no matter what.

Don’t let’s go down the path where the retail electricity provider and the generator electricity producer both say that the other one must make the change. Neither one will make the change first as each says the other is responsible. It becomes even more awkward when one retail provider kept saying that another retail provider was actually a generator and we had to get them to make the change. And we didn’t find out different for a conversation or two. It is certainly much harder to organise than having the meters physically changed. There is apparently evidence in the records that appears to show one of the flat residents had this same issue a few years ago and ended up not having the power “officially” connected.

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