Pretty as a postcard

 Clifftoria -from postcard  Taken c. 1928

I had sent a request to the local historical society over a month ago to see if they might have had a picture of Cliftoria. They have found one! It is a postcard from 1928. This is 3 years after the conversion from being a whole building to 5 flats. At first glance it hasn’t changed much in 85 years.


Taken 12 December 2013

While I can’t tell what colour Cliftoria was in 1928 it is possible to see that the colour scheme is counterchange. Most of what is now dark colour was light colour and visa versa. There also doesn’t appear to be any shutters in 1928. Although if you look at the window frames there is evidence of hinges on both sides.

Cliftoria c 2008

Taken c. 2008

This is the only other picture we have of Cliftoria. Taken sometime in 2008. I’m pretty sure that all the plants in the hanging baskets are plastic. There are plastic leaves all through the house in odd spots and they litter the backyard too.

Other News

The big move took place on Thursday with a big moving van and a couple of moving guys. All the heavy furniture and many boxes of stuff have now translocated to Cliftoria.There are still many bookcases and their books to be moved as well as various other stuff that have been accumulated by living in the one place for more than a decade.

Yesterday we took another load of furniture to Cliftoria and stayed the night. This was the first night we have stayed over. It was quite pleasant. Eating dinner on the balcony as it got darker. Not having to leave.

Furniture has been shifted around a bit, cleaned, and some boxes unpacked. The fridge has food in it. So the shift from here to there has taken a more serious aspect.

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