Good news everyone. There’s a shiny new roof.

Or at least half of one. The side nearest the house.
SONY DSCThe little chimney end of this side (taken from the back porch on the first floor).

SONY DSCThe other end of this side

SONY DSCThis is what it looked like before

The roofing guys have finally shown up after conveniently (not) unloading a stack of metal in the middle of the driveway before Christmas. Then there was Christmas holidays. Temperatures above 40+C (104+F). Even a few minor rainfalls. But today they started on the studio roof. I have decided if I call it the studio often enough we may all call it that too and not the “stables”.   This is quite exciting as it is the first really major work to take place. Please note that it is galvernised iron and not the colourbond that was first suggested.


Some of the beams under the old iron look quite round.


The driveway end with its big chimney has been de-ironed. I hope it doesn’t rain tonight. Apparently the close cross battens may be evidence that originally the studio had slates.

I hadn’t meant to leave it this long before making a post but work and moving things from the other house have used up any time for writing this blog.  I’ll do another post in a couple of days with more details.

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