More roof.

On Friday the East end of the studio was covered in iron. The West end is a vertical wall. It looked like this.


Yesterday (Monday) the side away from the house was completed. We got home a little later than normal and I got a picture in the fading light and it looks like this.


I’m hoping that the ridge caps will be put into place today.

This picture below is of the roof through our first floor back kitchen window (and then through the big sun room window). It does not do the shiny roof justice in the 40+C sun on the weekend. It looks as if a high-powered light is shining through the window filling the kitchen with light. It is the same in the corridor outside. If you glance out the windows on this side of the house your vision is filled with vertical light and dark stripes of the corrugations for quite some time.


The back yard is currently filled with piles of old iron, bits of wood, and other miscellaneous items. But all in a good cause.

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