Props Away!

All the props (big sticks) have disappeared tonight. All the ridge capping has been added and it is looking quite spiffy. Certainly waterproof from above. Gutter supports have been added to one side and fascia board added to the walls missing it. Overall it looks quite nice. Certainly it looks very shiny.


All the props gone and ladders with boards organised for adding the guttering.


Ridge capping and boards on the big chimney end.


The wall away from the house has boards added too.


The guttering along the back wall of Cliftoria has also been removed in preparation for replacement. The ground underneath is covered with a shower of rust.


This is what the holes in the back gutter looked like. A very holely gutter indeed. It was well past needing replacement. When it rained or even during light drizzle the water would collect off the roof and fall through the holes and on to the roof of one of the back ground floor bathrooms. It made  for a very loud dripping sound.

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