More on the gutters and some gardening.

 SONY DSCHere is a good view of the studio’s new roof and guttering in the daylight. It looks really well done and should last for decades. It is still quite shiny.

SONY DSCThis is the new guttering on the back of Cliftoria. Way up high on the second floor. It also shows that the back sunroom’s window needs painting. I’m not sure when that will happen.

I have more time to work on the house now that my casual work has ended for the second time. Mostly I have done gardening as some things have been let go without the time to deal with them. I have also taken out a noxious weed bush that had taken over a the  side gate for people.
In this photo (pre studio roof replacement) there is a green gate on the right side of the white car gates. You can bearly see it for the noxious spiky bush that has grown through it and even has a branch up on the side sunroom’s roof. There is also some plants in front of it growing in plant pots. My next job there will be to see about changing the garden there and having the gate become operational.

SONY DSCWith the bush removed you can clearly see the green gate. The ladder on the roof is the roofer’s as they have been storing it there for when they go up to work on the box gutter on top of Cliftoria. While that gutter has been cleaned and some sealant added, water is still getting into the ceiling.

While I was doing this I discovered that there is a blackberry vine growing amongst the roses in the side garden. The end of the roses can be seen on the left of the above photo. The berries are a little past their prime but still worth picking. I really quite like blackberries. Unfortunately they are also listed as a noxious weed so I’ll have to remove it. I’ll probably do it next week after the last few berries have a chance to get ripe.

I’ve put up another couple of curtains. Only a few of the windows still had any fittings for hanging curtains. All the others have been stripped bare. So that means I have to get up on the step-ladder to drill holes and screw new fittings into place. I’m very nervous about doing this as wobbly heights are a thing of mine. I feel that I’m finally getting close to having them all done.

I’ve also cleaned up the area between the studio and Cliftoria. It took a while as there were many roofing screws (both old and new), pop rivets and nails scattered around along with various small building debris. The roofers have been good about removing all the big bits. However I felt I had to clear this area as a matter of priority when I discovered a bit of wood on the ground with 3 large nails in the air simply waiting for someone (probably me) to stand on it. After buying a new outside broom I have the area safe to walk around.
SONY DSCBlackberries amongst the rose bushes.

SONY DSCThe blackberry harvest. They will be very nice indeed with some ice cream.

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