Like a rat up a downpipe

We now have downpipes on the studio and the ground floor sunroom. Four new downpipes for multiple rats to ascend simultaneously. The downpipes are very wide. Twice as wide as the downpipes I normally see on houses.  More than big enough for a rat. I’m hoping too wide for any rat to climb.

SONY DSCThe studio side facing Cliftoria

SONY DSCThe other side of the studio

The ground floor side sunroom got a new gutter and downpipe too. You can see the old downpipe in the picture that wasn’t attached when we bought the house. I’m hoping that we will not have a small leak on the front wall from now on. Basically the water was leaving the gutter and flowing down the wall and making its way in at the bottom of the window.

SONY DSCGround sunroom guttering and downpipe. I especially like the little dog leg it makes on the way down.

Finally the box gutter on Cliftoria’s roof has been replaced. The thing we have been most concerned about with water flowing through the front first floor kitchen ceiling when it rains is now changed. I’m hoping that this solves that problem but we will have to wait for another heavy rain to see.

West side of the box gutter

         SONY DSCOld east side box gutter

SONY DSCNew east side of the box gutter showing main skylight. The hole in the ceiling is behind the sheet of iron on the bottom left of the picture.

SONY DSCA reminder of what the kitchen ceiling looks like. We have a big esky set up to capture the water that drops from this hole and usually get a litre or two when it rains. It doesn’t leak water when there is a light drizzle. Hopefully the water issue will be solved and then we can get to repairing the ceiling. We are awaiting the next decent rain with added interest.

Thus ends the current saga of the roofers with all scheduled roof work now completed.

2 responses to “Like a rat up a downpipe

  1. I would assume so. Or maybe it was the only type of galvanised iron downpipes available. As Cliftoria is heritage listed we have some constraints on the look of the outside. No Colourbond allowed as galvanised iron is the restriction we have from the council. We did ask the roofers about the ogee profile gutters but they replied that it wasn’t available in galvanised iron so we ended up with a less ornate gutter profile. We went with what they had as they are the roofing/guttering/downpipe specialists.

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