Things that go crash in the night

Things that go crash in the night are usually not good news. In this case it isn’t completely unexpected. From the first inspection we could see that the ceiling in this room was a tad dodgy. Watermarks over one side of the ceiling near the shared wall with the small kitchen on the first floor that has a hole in the ceiling where the plaster had fallen down.  Here is a picture taken in February showing it leaking a bit during rain. A bucket or two was all that was needed to collect the small amount of water that leaked through the ceiling. Although falling to sleep with the little plink, plink, plonk as different buckets had water dripping into them was interesting.
SONY DSCDodgy and leaking a small amount

So we were very excited when the roofing people had fixed the broken skylight and the big box gutter on the roof. Alas this excitement was a bit premature. The ongoing rain over the last two weeks has caused leakage from both ceilings. Tonight the dodgy looking ceiling finally gave way.

SONY DSCA view of the collapse

 SONY DSCYes. They are plastic bags hanging from the ceiling. They were apparently part of the repair process at one stage as some were still embedded within a large solid chunk of “repair” plaster that fell to the floor. It was quite a decent size and heavy chunk.

SONY DSCHere is the debris on the floor over the buckets catching drips. The large chunk of repair plaster and plastic bags is to the right against the wall. The large mouse in the doorway is a door stop placed there to prevent the door from slamming if the wind changed direction.

SONY DSCFrom this picture you can see the lathes used in making the ceiling originally. Obviously the leak had brought down the plaster off the lathes in this part of the ceiling. Instead of fixing the roof a “repair” was made by attaching a wooden frame (you can see the darker piece to the left of the blue bag with a cross-piece heading off to the left) to the ceiling and then plaster board was attached to the frame to cover the whole ceiling. A simple modern cornice was used around the top of the wall to “finish” the “repair”. Of course more water got in and damaged the plaster board so additional plastering was added to the ceiling. I have to say that it was a poor ceiling replacement as it is possible to see the edges of all the plaster boards across the whole ceiling.

I’m seeing the advantage to using pressed tim ceilings and I think we will use it to replace this whole ceiling as well as the one next door. With a bit of luck we can add some insulation at the same time.

We knew we would have to deal with this ceiling at some point but while it was intact if dodgy looking it fell into the latter basket. It has now been moved to the sooner basket of things to do but only once we get the leakage sorted. A request for faster action on stage two of roof repairs will be going to the roofing people real soon now. In January we were informed that the roof of the connecting corridor of the attic rooms was quite bad with some previous poor attempts at repair made to it. We also need to have a down pipe on the west side replaced too as its current diameter isn’t adequate for the water draining into it now. So we are crossing our fingers to get that work done ASAP.

On the plus side the studio is now completely dry, even with this rain, due to its shiny new roof.


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