Better Late Than Never

Dirigible viewing

I have to start this post with a picture of an airship that flew around the city for a couple of days. I have a soft spot for airships of any kind and it was fun to see this blimp cruising around.

This is a very late update

We have been living here for over a year now. I had planned to have an update on that anniversary but unfortunately real life intervened which extinguished my desire to write anything. I have had all the usual excuses of work, births, marriages, deaths, and travel. I’m going to try to do better but will not make any promises.
One of our distractions has been the renovation of our previous house that took a lot of our resources of time and money. It was finalised a couple of months ago with a final flurry of moving boxes out of its sheds to Cliftoria. We have way too much stuff and are trying hard now to reduce it even though we now have more room.
I will say that living here is totally fantastic. Each day I revel in living in such an interesting building. Sure it is a bit worn around the edges but hopefully I can help remove some of that wear. Every now and then I feel lost in the huge project that this house is. At those times I try to concentrate on a really small thing to do to make the house better. This is going to take a long time as our finances are quite constrained. So until we win Tattslotto the changes will be slow.

Toilet issues

Most of the changes to the house over the last bunch of months have been minor. Except for two toilet blockages spaced a few months apart on different bathrooms. The joy of having multiple bathrooms is that it is possible to stop using one until it is repaired.

The first one was noticed when the ground floor toilet stopped flushing properly. According to the plumbers it was blocked with roots. The culprit is probably this tree that grows over the boundary fence. Our sewer line runs along near the side fence before joining on to the main sewer line that runs along the back fence. I hope that the roots don’t cause too much of a recurring issue.

SONY DSCThe big tree over the fence

The second culprit was roots from this fruit tree growing on the front corner of the house. Stinking stuff started oozing out of the ground right near the corner of the building without any observable effect on the toilet flushing on the floor above it. Some careful digging around discovered a drain vent that was missing its lid and had been covered with dirt. The tree has now been cut down and so I hope this won’t reoccur again.
SONY DSCThe Tree causing plumbing issues


             The black smelly ooze in the corner.

        SONY DSC

          The drain pipe access that was hidden until now.



I’ll finish with a picture of roses that smell better than the last topic from out in the back yard.

One response to “Better Late Than Never

  1. I used to work for the Queensland Forestry Department in the area that gave advice to the public. We had a 3 page, 2 column list of tree species that could get roots in your drains. It included everything you were ever likely to grow in your garden. The problem will recur. If you cut everything down and concrete over your yard it will recur because your neighbours’ trees have roots too. Installing new pvc drains might help (ha!) because they have fewer joins and won’t have developed cracks…yet. The eel is your friend 😉

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