For the last few days there have been many thunderstorms that have been rolling through here, almost on the hour, with sunshine in between.


Storm clouds as watched from the balcony

Late at night/first thing in the morning there was a bigger thunderstorm than the others with a lot of hail. I walked out onto the back balcony, which was on the protected side of the house, and was almost deafened by the noise of the hail off the galvanised iron balcony roof and the studio roof. I could barely hear the booming shocks of the thunder over the crescendo of hail rattling off all that metal. There was so much rain with the hail that I was almost getting wet from the mist. There were so many lightning bolts that the strobe effect brought back memories of school discos. It was one of the finest storms I have ever seen. When it had quieted down somewhat I opened a door to the front balcony and discovered a hail covered floor all the way up to the door. That was an impressive distance. Then I went back to bed.

The next morning I was checking the house and discovered no major damage. However, I did see a lot of quite large flakes of paint lying in the box gutter on the roof.


Large paint chips in the box gutter


A close up of some of the paint chips

I stuck my head out the window to see that the hail had blasted the paint off the wooden walls of the hallway that runs between the two roof peaks and over the box gutter. This wall faces the west. The gutter on the other (east side of the building) side was clear as the storm came from the west and so that was the protected side.


The northside of the window


The boards on the south side of the window

I can see that I’ll be adding repainting these walls to the list of unexpected stuff to be done. Sooner than latter too.


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