Fiddling with the roof

The top bathroom between the two roof peaks. The water is coming in from the roof above the yellow board, which is above the green framed window.

The week before last we had the roofing guys turn up and measure the leaking top floor bathroom roof for the third time. One of the previous times they had said they would start by Easter. That was Easter in 2015. They have apologised for the time slippage and I think they hadn’t realised it was almost a year until I mentioned it to them. This time they even used ladders to reach it and get on to it. Apparently the roof is a bit “bouncy” (I love such technical terms) so they will probably need to replace a couple of roof joists. There is also a short piece of guttering and downpipe that we are replacing on the west side of the building as it overflows whenever there is a heavy rain. A bigger gutter and wider galvanised pipe should fix that. The downpipe is plastic and I think blocked or just not able to deal with the rain due to its smallish diameter. They promised to start work the next week, which is now last week. Alas there was no delivery of roofing materials and no work done.

Apparently what had happened was the suppliers are having trouble with the machines that makes the guttering and were holding the whole order until it gets fixed. There has been a request sent by the roofers to the supplier to send the galvanised sheets so the roof can be fixed and the gutter done latter on. This materials problem can happen because of heritage issues. As a heritage listed house we must use an older style of metal sheets, gutters, and pipes. It would be easier and cheaper if we could simply order Colorbond™. There are a few older style houses around here with new Colorbond™ roofs and they look a bit odd. So I’m really OK with waiting for the right stuff. It has been a long wait and we still get rain water dripping into containers in the two rooms with the fallen parts of the ceilings.

The roofers have previously made an excellent job of replacing the roof of the studio behind the house. They also dealt with replacing the cracked skylight window to the butler’s pantry and replacing the box gutter between the roof peaks. It is the wait for this work which has been hard.

I remain hopeful that the work will be done sometime soon.

One response to “Fiddling with the roof

  1. Thank you so much for your posts on Clifftoria! My husband grew up there as a child and it is great to see it being restored!!!

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