For whom the bell tolls

The bell tolls for us now. Mostly because I have installed a door bell. Finally, I got around to buying and installing a doorbell onto the front door. It is a big house and unless you pay attention it is really hard to hear a person knocking on the door. So we now have a doorbell button with a bell on both the ground and the first floor. This should make it easier to know when a visitor is at the door.

While it has been hot we have been having the occasional thunderstorm as well so we have been getting some dampness. These toadstools have appeared around a tree stump in the back yard. Quite a lot of them there.



An interesting thing has been happening over the last few days. We have been having millipedes invading the house. These millipedes are Portuguese millipedes that first turned up in Australia in 1953 in Port Lincoln in South Australia. Now they have infested all the southern part of Australia including Tasmania. In the past I have sometimes noticed one or two of them around. But this year they have become a plague. The ones that stray into the house are the lost ones as they can’t breed indoors. They need leaf litter. Last night I removed five from the bathroom before having a shower. When they feel threatened they curl up into a disc, which helps with removing them back outside. This one is on a regular Post-It note.

I haven’t been paying enough attention to the vines in the backyard because they have taken over the tree that is in next doors yard. I’m really not sure what to do with this vine but probably it needs to be killed and removed.


Our vine has just leapt up onto the tree so fast.

The blackberry vine in the big rose bed came back and a month or two ago produced these blackberries. They were very nice with ice cream. Once Autumn is properly here and all the leaves have dropped I’ll have another go at removing the blackberry. It is a tasty but noxious weed here and so must be killed.



Finally, we have taken on the responsibility of looking after 7-year-old Pepe, a shih tzu cross. His previous owners have moved back to Budapest in Europe and would have had to leave him with the RSPCA otherwise. He is a quite cute dog and is known for chasing his own tail. You may see him appear in pictures in the future. He isn’t barking in this picture but panting in the heat. He is quiet most of the time, only barking on the balcony at noisy motorcycles, passing people talking loudly, and the raucous birds.



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