Broken Baluster Repaired

There was a baluster on the first floor landing that was broken when we first saw the house.  It was not straight as it had a kink about midway down the baluster. I have looked back through my pictures but couldn’t find any showing it. It was one of those little things that need fixing but it wasn’t that important when there was so much more to do.
However, the other day I noticed it wasn’t a small bit out of alignment but a lot. I wonder if the arrival of Pepe and his need to look over the edge of the landing hadn’t caused the new arrangement. I was worried now that the whole baluster might be knocked out so it needed to be fixed now.


Instead of being a little bit bent it was now very bent out of shape

I decided that gluing it back together would probably be the easiest repair. If I was to get a whole replacement baluster, then the top hand rail would have to be raised to fit the new one in.


The joint with glue

Of course when I went to find my clamps to hold the baluster straight while the glue dried I could not find them. I have a couple of sets of clamps. After spending an hour looking for them I figured I could use a plastic bag and duct tape to jury rig a temporary holding jig. It worked well.


Using a plastic bag and duct tape to hold the baluster in position while the glue dried.


Dried and working well.

Another little job I did recently was on a latch on a set of French doors. The recent winds had been so strong that one of the screws had been pulled loose and the other worked its way out. I’ve glued a matchstick into the hole the screw was pulled out. Once dry I screwed the screw back in and it is holding well now. There are quite a few little jobs like this, which keep arising in a place this big.

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