Possible Vanished Kitchen details

A short post about what might have been.

I have never seen the kitchens that were on the ground floor because they had been removed before we ever saw Cliftoria. I think there may have been a blue theme to the kitchens as there is blue paint behind the cream paint.


Sky blue under the cream paint

I have also discovered several pieces of patterned wall sheet in the garden.


The biggest fragment I have found

It may have come from somewhere on the kitchen walls, where something had been glued to it, or as a sink surround or splash back. It is a very retro pattern.


Something had been glued to the wall here

I guess we will never know what the kitchens had been like.



4 responses to “Possible Vanished Kitchen details

  1. Very interesting. I notice that your electrical wiring is very similar to mine – that is it’s been retrofitted by putting external conduit down the walls. I think it’s as ugly as sin, and when I can afford it I will have channels chased into the bricks. Do you have plans for it?

  2. I, too, have sky blue (and pink and yellow and green) paint under several other colors. As hard as I try, I can’t imagine the kitchen covered in blue or pink! I wonder when this was in style?

  3. Cliftoria was built before there were any services so electricity, water, gas, phone lines, and tv aerial cables have all been retrofitted at one time and another. Add to that the house was turned into 5 flats in 1925 so everything was duplicated five times. So we have conduit and pipes running all over the place. I’m fairly confident that one pipe in the front balcony roof is a gas pipe for gas lighting that has a plug in the end. So thinking about what to do with it all freaks me out. What I would like to do is get a team of tradies with experts in each field to come up with a plan for simplyfing the entire mess and hide it in the walls somehow in a sympathetic way. Alas way out of our price range. Instead we will deal with it one room at a time. I realise it will probably work out more costly and we will probably redo some stuff a few times but that is more affordable.

  4. I don’t know why but I think it might have been the 1950s when those colours were used in response to the end of the drabness of the war. But I’m probably wrong. I simply don’t know and haven’t found the time to research it yet.

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