A Gift Book

Clifftoria -from postcardA little while ago some friends found a book at the Lifeline Book Fair about the history of Goulburn. It had a mention of Cliftoria in it. So they bought it and generously gave it to us. The book was History of Goulburn by Ransome T. Wyatt. It was first published in 1941. This edition was printed in 1972 by Lansdowne Press, Sydney.

The information on Cliftoria was on page 276. I must say Daniel Kennedy lived an exciting life with travelling around the world at a time when such journeys were quite dangerous.

Page 276. “Daniel Kennedy was Goulburn’s first plasterer. He was born in Dublin in 1827 and came to Goulburn in 1842. He was a member of the first municipal council. He was at the Eureka Stockade but took no part in the riots. He was wrecked in the “Ceres” when the passengers spent six weeks on an island before being rescued. (The subject of Mayne Reid’s book “Lost Lenore”) He died in Goulburn on the 29/11/1907. Cliftoria, 128 Clifford Street, was built by Daniel Kennedy. Its striking colonnade and the courtyard were made by Kennedy of his own cement, the secret of which died with him. Its chief ingredient was live oyster shell. The subterranean water-way, which runs behind the Goulburn Club in Market Street, was also built by him using the same cement. Daniel Kennedy brought the first iron bedsteads to Goulburn on his return from Sacramento, USA, an innovation which set the town laughing. Up to then all bedsteads had been made of cedar.”

The footnote said; E.P.P., 30/11/1907. 26/08/1937; Dame Mary Gilmore, S.M.H., 21/08/1937; John L. Barry, The Home, 01/05/1928.

The other mentions had more to do with the Argyle Brewery that used to exist on the same block.

Page 7. “Clifford street, running east and west, has near its Sloane Street end the Salvation Army Citadel on the one side and the Ambulance Station on the other. In the next block is the Presbyterian Church whilst further west, near the Faithful Street intersection, is a quaint building with columns and balcony over the footpath. This was formerly the Argyle Brewery.”

This isn’t quite correct. Cliftoria was never the brewery. The brewery was built of wood and faced on to Faithful Street.  This is stated on the next relevant page.

Page 78. This is a written description of the 1882 bird’s eye view of Goulburn.

“Kennedy’s Argyle Brewery was almost the only building in Faithfull Street.”

More on the Argyle Brewery can be found on p308.

Page 308. “The Argyle Brewery was established by Edward Kennedy about 1882. Kennedy was a native of Sacramento, USA. At about 1885 H.G. Chard became the owner and continued the business. The brewery was in Faithfull Street.”

It is always nice to find more about the history of your house. Especially one as old as Cliftoria. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that it was built in the time of the Colony of New South Wales before there was a federation that formed Australia.

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