Almost a Robbery

The other day I discovered that we had a probable break and enter. I noticed the curtain in a little used ground floor bathroom had been hooked up on the window catch.

It turns out that the potential robber had jimmied open the bathroom window and the screws on the window latch had ripped out of the wood. That makes it a break and enter, which is a serious charge. The curtain had got caught on those screws when the window was closed.


The window frame has lost its grip on the screws and ripped out of the wood.

We called the police of course. One turned up a little while later and checked it out and decided they could get a forensics team to look at it. A forensics team of one turned up the next day to dust for prints. You can see dusted hand prints in this picture and others were found on the other side too.


Lots of dusting

We haven’t found anything missing and there is little evidence that they had actually entered. If they had used the sink under the window I expect it would have collapsed under them. We think our dog’s barking may have changed their mind. Maybe someone passing disturbed them. Or maybe seeing the state of the bathroom was shown that there was no point in entering. When someone is charged with the offence I’ll report on it again.

In the mean time I have nailed it shut while I think about what to do with it. It has always been a bit of an odd window because it is a bathroom window with clear glass. Maybe we should put in a stained glass window? The neighbour has a window that looks out in its general direction and the driveway runs by too. It opens outwards instead of sliding up and down as all the other windows do on this floor. Certainly we need to upgrade its closure mechanism and maybe its frame so it doesn’t rip out again.


The jimmied window from the outside

2 responses to “Almost a Robbery

  1. We are glad too.
    It really isn’t worth trying to rob us because we are doing this house up on a very minimal budget. Maybe an op-shop budget. If we win Tattslotto things would be different. 😉

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