Yet More Plumbing Issues

The front balcony bathroom has issues. Lots of issues.


The outside of the bathrrom

If you look at the lower right corner of the window you can see a pipe and 2 black wires that go into the bathroom through the window.


The ouside of the bathroom from the balcony

Not only did it block up but one of the pipes leaks now. Water started leaking through the balcony floor to drop to the ground below. So we have shut off the water to the loo with its inlet tap.


One of the rusty pipes

The plumber suggested that trying to fix it would be tricky as the water pipes are of the old iron kind, hence the leak. So we would have to look at replacing all the pipes back to the water main. He also mentioned that the bathroom isn’t up to standard in that there is no drain hole for the floor so we would have to replace the floor as well.


The floor has fake wood vinyl and is without a drain hole

Not to mention the gas pipe that comes in through the window. Yes. Through the window. When the gas was installed to the instamatic gas hot water system a corner of the window was broken in order to avoid having to drill a hole through the wall. The hot water does work as I have had a few showers here when the back bathroom freezes up. Also before the roof fell in.


Lots of pipes


Close up of the gas pipe coming through the window. The wires are for powering the many outside lights. I didn’t dare turn them on.

Also the ceiling has fallen in from the long term leak that had been conveniently dropping into the bath tub. So basically we are looking at effectively replacing the whole bathroom.


Fallen ceiling

So we are now seriously considering removing the whole bathroom. Removing the bathroom would restore the balcony back to its previous size. This bathroom had been added in 1925 when the house was converted into flats. I think it is the way to go. Taking out the bathroom would return the balcony to its original purpose. Another positive is it should be a lot cheaper than basically replacing it. We would still have four bathrooms in the house. It has always felt a bit odd to use it when people can walk by on the footpath below.

6 responses to “Yet More Plumbing Issues

  1. Definitely think that removing the bathroom seems the sensible option. Particularly as you still have another 4!

  2. Would you remove all the walls there? Or just some? Does that wall serve as a wind break?

    It was a handy toilet for hanging out on the balcony but it is a weird place to have a bathroom.

  3. “Get rid of it” was my thought as I began reading this post! I’m glad you have plenty of other bathrooms. So much cheaper, too.

  4. The outer wall, with the window in it, matches the wall at the other end of the balcony and so serves as a windbreak. However, the two interior walls of the room that jut into the balcony would go as would the false floor and the ceiling below the iron roof of the balcony. The iron roof would have to be repaired as the bit around the ventilation pipe leaks when it rains. Once all the pipes are capped below I think it should be fairly easy to remove the bathroom. Except for one thing.

    The cast iron bathtub.

    Getting that downstairs will be a challenge.

    • It could become a balcony garden feature. Or find useful people with ropes to lower it over the balcony. Using straight gravity would be a little too traumatic for the ground below.

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