Return of the Lagging

When I first did the lagging on the water pipes it was back in June. The foam seemed to be holding onto the pipes quite well so I hadn’t secured it. Everything was fine until the big wind storms a few months ago when most of it got blown off. I had to gather it up from around the garden.

Winter is coming.

So I have been outside on a ladder in 9 C temperature putting the lagging back on. According to the weather site the wind chill factor today makes it seem like 4 C and it was really quite chilly. This time I’m tieing it into place. I have also sewn the ends of some pieces together so I hope it will all stay on now.


I have also removed a shelf, a medicine cabinet, other small fittings from the back bathroom.


Medicine cabinet here




This is what is known as foreshadowing in the classics.

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