It’s electrifying!

Things are moving ahead. The electrician arrived and spent six hours ferreting around under the floor, drilling holes, stringing wires. Alas he is waiting for a special cover and ran out of time to do the final connection. But this is very exciting as the bathroom will have electric power for the first time since before we bought the house. The laundry next door will get both a light and a power point for the very first time.


What will be a power point and fan/light switch


The electricity conduit. Power in from under the floor on the right and up the wall in the middle. The left hand extension is off to power the hot water system outside.


The electricity will come from this cable which has yet to be connected. More drilling needed.


New low powered 20 Watt light and power point in the laundry for the first time.


Power point outside the laundry for the instant gas hot water system that will be on this wall. The old tank system on the left is to go.




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