The roofers had ordered the metal, fasteners, and new metal rubber fittings for what we hope will be the final roof repairs. That iron has now been delivered. This is quite exciting because I think we are getting really close to fixing the roof. This will be the third set of work. It is hardly surprising that we had water coming through the ceiling when there has been so many things wrong.

We are currently into a second set of stormy weather. I’m really happy that the butler’s pantry is fixed because it still remains dry even with all this extra rain. The room next door is still leaking a bit. When the roofers found two more sources of leaks they tightened things up as much as they could even though the rotting wood is not holding the screws so well. That temporary fixing has made a difference because only about two coffee mugs of water have dripped into one bucket instead of two buckets full from three different drip points.


Now we are waiting for the weather to be less windy so they can replace some wood and sheets and rubber vent boots.

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  1. Cliftoria is one of the older buildings in the really local neighbourhood. The building out the back of Cliftoria is certainly older as are a few small cottages. A block closer to town are some that are certainly older. The streetscapes of old Goulburn are often a complex blend of different architectural styles and ages. I really like this city because it isn’t always a boring modern place.

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