Damp pervades all

Or at least pervades the ground floor. We haven’t heated the ground floor at all during this winter. So it has got quite cold. Descending the stairs becomes a slow immersion into a pool of very cold air. It wasn’t so bad until in amongst the days with highs of single digit temperatures we got a burst of warm air from up North. For two days we had temperatures of 16 and 17 Celsius in the middle of winter. Simply crazy weather and probably a harbinger of more climate change. Some of the moisture in the air condensed out on the ground floor walls. The other floors were fine and stayed dry although I did become a tad obsessive about checking them. They stayed dry probably from having some heating and simply being higher and hot air rises. So for two days we had dripping walls in the whole ground floor. Touching them got you wet.


Touch marks on the stairway wall.


Beads of moisture and trickles down the main hallway wall.

Once the air returned to normal the moisture evaporated away in another day because the air here is usually very dry. It is why we can have sub-zero temperatures and no snow. You need moisture to get snow.

The good thing about this old house is that it does stay much cooler through summer. That’s a really good thing.

I thought this had happened only a couple of weeks ago but it turns out to be six weeks ago. My how time flies.

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