Let there be light… in the laundry.

Continuing the story of the bathroom renovation after a break.

The concrete dried and the electrician came to do the wiring.


Previously the wiring had come in from the long room next door. It had travelled up the wall and across the ceiling before descending the common wall with the bathroom until it reached the door frame and through the wall into the laundry. This wiring had been stripped out when the ground floor kitchens were removed. However it is quite easy to see where the wiring had been.  Since that time there had not been any power to the bathroom and even though the loo and sink worked visiting it at night meant bringing a light. The electrician delved under the flooring of the long room to connect wires to a conduit now buried in the concrete bathroom floor. By going under the floor the wiring will be much less obvious than the previous system.


The grey conduit coming up from the floor is new with a new combined switch and power point (not completely installed when I took the picture). There hadn’t been a power point in the bathroom before. The white-painted metal conduit above the switch leads to the light bulb.

He also added a light in the laundry with its own switch. As far as I can tell there has never been a light fitted into the laundry so it may be the first time it has ever had electric light since it was built in 1925.


The new low powered (40W) light. It is a very low ceiling so an actual bulb would be more likely to be broken than this light snug up against the rafter. Notice the new double power point for the washing machine at the end of the same rafter. We have been using an extension lead from a room on the far side of the long room to power the washing machine.


The new switch for the laundry light.

This is all very exciting that we now have power and lights running properly to this corner of the house for the first time since we bought it.

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