Final bathroom installation

The final bits of the bathroom installed and it all works.


Here are all the bits in their boxes.


Here is the basin. The shop managed to find something a bit older in style than the modern look. It was hard to find. I was insisting on two separate taps instead of the common combined single handle mixer style.


The loo and toliet roll holder.


I liked this style of towel rail.


The shower fittings. The taps match the basin.


This is the specially ordered power point, light switch, installed on the door jamb. The first time this bathroom has had a powerpoint.


A view of the discarded hot water system waiting for removal.

Also more shiny new corrugated iron waiting on the ground as a bit of foreshadowing.




2 responses to “Final bathroom installation

  1. I see you managed to get a sink with raised edges on the back and sides too. Back when we were doing our renovations we had so much trouble finding that even though all we were looking for was something to stop water going over the edges rather than also wanting a more old-fashioned look!

  2. It was really hard to find a any sink that had the three holes for a spout and two seperate hand controls. Almost all available have only one hole for a combined mixer spout tap. We got a good price on this as I think the company was clearing old stock. I do like its look and it will do for now.

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