Locksmithing 101

Cliftoria is missing many doors. Many, many doors. But what is annoying is having a door that doesn’t work properly. The bathroom leading from the back sun room from the back balcony has such a door. This door doesn’t look like it was originally there. The door knobs simply spin around while the door bolt (door latch?) can be seen inside the lock face, unmoved.

It is possible to keep the bathroom door closed when inside by using a hook latch into an eye on the inside. Otherwise the door swung loose on its hinges, which is annoying when you are in the sun room. So I figured I would have a look at it and see what I could do to get it to work. How hard could it be?


This is what it looked like.

So I took off the door knobs and the five screws holding the lock in place.


The lock is off the door.

Then I turned it over and took the back plate off by removing the center bolt.



The lock’s innards

It looks like a piece of the spring has been broken. I think there is some mechanism that has been removed. That is the bit that enables the lock to be locked with the bottom bolt. Or else it really is simpler than I thought. As this is simply a bathroom I don’t mind that it can not be locked.  I discovered that a spring, from the box of random springs that I had bought years ago, could be kept in place by the top left pin. It pushes the top bolt out and turning the door knob makes it go back into the lock.



So I cleaned it a bit and reassembled the whole thing and put it back and it works. At some point I will strip all the paint off both the lock and the door to make it pretty but that day is not now. It turns out this level of locksmithing wasn’t that hard.


A close up of the manufacturer’s name. H & T Vaughan Ltd.

Henry and Thomas Vaughan were brothers.  It would appear that H&T Vaughan Ltd made locks in Willenhall, England from 1856 to 1928 when it was then taken over by Yale.



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