Cliftoria was in a survey

Recently a document was discovered and scanned for the mighty Trove project at the National Library of Australian. It was “An architectural survey of Goulburn and District, New South Wales, September 1960” by Donald Coleman. He included 3 photographs of Cliftoria under the heading The Argyle Brewery, which we know was built behind Cliftoria. There are two paragraphs of writing that go with the photographs and are listed below.

“The Argyle Brewery”

“This brewery was established by Edward Kennedy a native of Sacramento, USA, in the year 1882 in Clifford Street. Only part of the building remains today and it is believed to be the home of Kennedy. He was also said to be a builder contractor and the building shown was said to have been built in his spare time. It is an unusual building and would be unique. It has been built incorporating features of most of the early design schools, although an Italianate flavour predominates in the detailing and the roof design is Victoria.”

“The dominate feature of the design is the crudely designed veranda that over-rides the footpath. Much of the stonework is crudely carved and unfinished. Timber beams span between the columns supporting the stone balustrading. When compared to a similarly conceived building, such as the old inn in the main street of Campbelltown, the Goulburn counterpart seems heavy and uncoordinated.”

Cliftoria 1960

Cliftoria in September 1960

Fullscreen capture 18032017 101053 PM

This is not painted with the same colour scheme it now has.

Fullscreen capture 18032017 101021 PM

I think these are cast concrete columns and not badly carved columns.

This is a really nice find about Cliftoria. Mr Coleman thinks this building is unique and it well may be because I have been looking for the last three years and haven’t found any building that matches its style. Maybe the big columns sort of seem influenced by the Indian Raj empire look instead of the classical style with its thinner columns. Now I’m going to see if I can find a picture of the building mentioned in Campbelltown. There is a high chance that building may be gone by now.

Here is the link to the document on the Trove site.

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