More Roofing Adventures

As previously foreshadowed we had the roofing people back. This time we have had all the roof above the leak replaced. Several rubber seals on pipes that go through the roof have also been replaced. This has been an ongoing search for a fix to the water getting through the roof. Each time we fix something the amount of water entering with a storm is reduced. So all these fixes have been making a difference. It is tricky when there are multiple leak sources. If we had the money we would have had the entire roof updated when we moved in. The amount of roof being replaced is a bit less than an eighth of the entire roof.


Roof with the old iron removed


Looking up through the hole in the ceiling and through the roof. It is possible to see a corner of the new roof on the upstairs bathroom.


Moving the new iron up.


Shiny new roof almost finished.

We now have a dream plan to deal with the roof. Tesla have created a solar panel that looks like a slate tile. They are a very new product and they are not available in Australia yet. If we save our pennies at some time in the future we will replace the entire roof with these panels and restore Cliftoria to its original slate roof look and generate power at the same time. I suspect it might need a Tattslotto win to afford it though because we have a lot of roof area to cover.


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