Making the studio useable

The studio has been filled with many boxes and lots of stuff that was moved in those last frantic days of the big move here. Much of it was unloaded after dark using torch light as the studio has no installed lights in any of its four rooms. That’s right. None. This building is behind Cliftoria and was (I think) the original farm house for this area before it was subdivided into city blocks. Therefore, I think it is even older than Cliftoria and so built before the 1870s.

The issue I was having was that it looked such a big job to deal with that I pretended it wasn’t there. It was impossible to even get beyond the doorway of two of the rooms. I would go into the studio and be bowled over with how much work it was going to be and leave it untouched.

Then I heard about the hashtag #100days. The idea behind this is if you want to do something that seems too big that you can chunk it down and make a start anyway. For 100 days you do whatever it is for at least ten minutes. That way a habit can be built up. After 100 days at least 1,000 minutes (16 and 2/3 hours) of time will have been used on the project and it should be possible to see some real progress. Anyone should be able to do whatever you want to do for ten minutes in a day. If you spend more time, then that is a bonus. If you miss a day, then you have to start again with a new day one. Reporting each day helps keep it going. So I used #100daysofmakingastudio and reported each day in Facebook. I thought it would be boring for other people but some really like seeing it happen. Also it inspired some people to do their own projects. I did complete the 100days, which made a real difference to the studio. Some days I would barely be in there for ten minutes but other days I would do a few hours. Well over 100 boxes were unpacked and those items either found places, recycled/given away, or thrown out if completely useless. Furniture was properly arranged and the studio can now be used and has been used.

So here are a few pictures of my journey.

The pile of stuff in the main room and the wood room that you couldn’t enter.


Door before and after. Lock repaired. Handle added. Broken pane top right replaced. This is the first time I have repaired a broken window.


The original lock catch was wobbly. I cut out a segment of the door jamb and replaced it. Again the first time I have done this sort of thing.


The window wall of the main room became visible and then I added a working table and the big light table.


The wood room after the tidy up


Courtyard before the tidy up


After the tidy up

I also removed some bolts out of the courtyard that had been tripping hazards.



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