See through a window, darkly.

The western front sash window has been very badly damaged. The top light has been badly broken with some of the frame and mullions and the bottom three panes of glass missing. One of the fake shutters has been ripped off too. The bottom light had one broken pane of glass. Both were covered with plywood.


The window showing the plywood protection.


The bottom right pane of glass replaced. The putty shows white compared to the old green painted putty.


The fixed pane with the original fly screen. All the fly wire netting has been ripped out. The panel of fly wire is hinged on the right or western side and a small bolt is used to hold it closed. Replacing the fly wire on both the front windows is another job to do on another day.


Another look at the open fly wire screen and replaced glass pane. It was a fairly windy day and the wind kept closing this empty screen on me as I worked on replacing the glass pane.

The room on the other side of the window now has much more light now that one of the plywood panels is gone. I’m very unsure about how to deal with the upper broken light. While a good cabinet-maker could make a new window frame the cost (potentially $1,000+) is going to keep it out of our reach for quite a while. I have been thinking about taking it out and seeing if I can have a go at repairing it. Finding a replacement in a second-hand building supplies has not happened yet.


2 responses to “See through a window, darkly.

  1. I have never seen a side-hinged screen before. Clever setup. Is that common in your part of the world? As a temporary measure, could you remove all the top mullions, replace the entire top light with a single pane of glass and insert painted plastic (fake) mullions? Not a permanent fix, but maybe you could gain a functional window and ditch the plywood until you can have it rebuilt or replaced.

  2. I’ve not seen a side-hinged screen before but they do appear to be original to the window frames. They windows used to have working shutters and they could close over the screens.

    I will think about your suggestion. It would work as a temporary fix and get more light into the room. It is still quite dark in there even with half the window working now.

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