Knock, knock, knocking on Cliftoria’s Door

Recently I discovered the button for the doorbell lying on the mat as I left Cliftoria. Someone (or maybe the wind) had knocked it off its mount and broken the little plastic key that kept it there. The battery powered push button with its two 240V powered bells haven’t worked that well. It took a while to discover when the battery went flat and then I had to get a non-standard replacement battery. I’ve always worried about the bells because, due to their poor design, they were always slightly warm to the touch, which means they were using too much power all the time. It doesn’t help that we live so close to a couple of schools that the button is often pushed as students walked past, which is not really that funny.

I came across a door knocker in the Green Shed a couple of weeks ago. It was missing its mounting bolts and had green paint splashes from whenever the door it was last on was painted. Its look is much closer to the period of the house than a plastic button.


I tried paint remover to get rid of the paint and while it did work it also resulted in some shiny metal highlights. With the patina compromised I then used some steel wool to clean up the whole door knocker.



So now it was all shiny I went to the local Bunnings and purchased a couple of 1/4 inch bolts. They still stock some old fashioned non-metric nuts and bolts for just such occasions.


Door with no knocker.

I hand drilled a couple of holes through the door. My arms are long enough that I could reach both sides of the door at the same time and fit the bolts into the door knocker. I’m hoping it will be more successful in letting us know when there are people at the door. I think it looks quite nice.


Door with knocker.


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