Surprise leak.

There has been a water pipe near a corner of the studio that I have been concerned about since the first time I saw it. The pipe is an iron pipe and heavily rusted. I don’t know when it was installed. There is evidence of several large laundry troughs inside the studio, although they had been stripped out before the house went up for sale. I’m guessing that a big laundry room might have been very useful when Cliftoria had been a hospital in 1913 to 1915.

On the morning of 13 November 2018 there was no evidence of a leak. However when I took Pepe for his afternoon walk there was a tiny spray of water that spurted across the driveway. It had spontaneously failed in the meantime.

The rusty pipe

A closeup of the leak

I called in the plumbers and the rusted pipe was removed back to a good part of the pipe. The water pipe was in much better condition underground than the part exposed to the weather.

Replacing the pipe

A new pipe that has insulation for the sub zero winters.

Alas it turned out there was a very tiny ooze of water from the top of the new connection. So another call to the plumbers and they returned to finalise the repair. They apologised for the mistake.

Tiny ooze between the old pipe and the new connection.

All done.

How it looks today in the rain.

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