Update and Fix a window

Well it has been a while since my last post. The summer was dreadful with fires filling the air with smoke well above safe levels. Our house is not very air tight and on bad days a smoke haze drifted inside. The fire alarms in the hospital over the way were set off frequently too. For about a month or more we had major fires burning in three different directions so that almost any direction the wind blew there was dense smoke with it. Every morning there was checking of the “Fires near me” website to track the progress of the fires. Fortunately none of them directly threatened our city although other towns were not so lucky. The fourth direction (West) would bring in red dust storms which were little different from the smoke in being vexatious.


A smokey day

We had less than a month of getting back to normal when Covid-19 struck with the first lock down. I’m sure everyone has their own experiences. Here it hasn’t been that bad because as far as I know we still haven’t had a case in our city. This is an advantage to living in a rural setting. It took me a while to realise that the difference between a virus lock down and avoiding the smoke was that I could go outside and do gardening. To help provide an occupation for children we, similar to many other people, added a bear to one of our windows.

Window bear

Window bear

Getting motivation to do things has been difficult in these times. At least we are still paying the mortgage. Some things have been done. We did reorganise our finances at the end of last year (2019) in order to get a major task done. That is the back bathroom wall, built in 1925, which is slowly falling away from the building. I would give a go at fixing it myself except for the fact that a wooden column goes from the top of it to support the back balcony verandah. It is a weird arrangement and beyond my skills to deal with. However first the smoke and now the virus makes getting builders in a bit problematical. So that task has been put on the back burner.

Falling wall

The gap is bigger on the other side.

Falling wall 2

Yesterday I replaced a broken window in our laundry. A job I had been putting off too long.

Laundry window 1

The cover over the broken window was blown off by a big wind storm that broke another window by bashing vines against it.

Laundry window 2

Interestingly the top of the original glass pane barely reached the wooden frame. That meant there was a lot of putty to remove there. Anyway I cleaned the glass and putty out. Visited the local glass brothers shop for a pane, which they refused to accept payment for. Apparently a piece of glass this size was too fiddly and small for their books. They have done that before so I have given them a bottle of wine.

Laundry window 3

I puttied the glass in and cleaned all the window (except for a piece of sticky tape on the lower pane that I couldn’t shift). So window replaced. Once the putty has had a chance to set (two or three weeks) I might paint it, which probably means painting the whole window so it all matches.





One response to “Update and Fix a window

  1. The charming thing is the colour on the exterior. Has this been painted since you arrived? It looks in such good condition, and such bright and brilliant colours. Good job on the window. Sad thing about the wall, though. Much planting done? Hope all goes well for a bit.

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