This is a random update. Despite all the Covid-19 issues we are quite OK here. Living in rural NSW has its upside although one downside is I’m on a long waiting list to get vaccinated. At the current slow rate that the government is supplying vaccines here it will take them months to even finish the priority 70+ and disabled people before I can get one.

We continue to make the mortgage payments on Cliftoria, which is important. Minor repairs keep happening. Although trying to achieve anything seems so hard at the moment. For example trying to organise a builder to rebuild the small wall seems impossible at this time. There is so much new construction going on in town, probably due to the government incentives, that small jobs like this one are not really viable for them at the moment.

One interesting thing is that the weather has been wetter than the recent average. So wet that fungi are growing in the lawns here and there in the garden. So here are a few garden fungi pictures.

A group of small toadstools
A group of small toadstools
Puffballs growing under the trailer.
Weird one on the driveway
Pepe getting a bit of sun this morning
Part of the balcony railing with its matching shadow

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