About the Cliftoria Adventure

This is John and Sharen’s first adventure into renovating. Alas it is not a small job as Cliftoria has 3 floors, a cellar and a converted stable. We are also taking on a job that hadn’t been finished. Until recently Cliftoria had been 5 flats since 1925. The previous owner had started a major conversion turning the 5 flats back into the single building it had been before 1925. This was part of a plan to make it an art gallery. Our current plan is to complete the process of turning it into a single building.

8 responses to “About the Cliftoria Adventure

  1. Hi John and Sharon .I typed in Victorian kitchen garden Goulburn into the computer and found your site .I was quite surprised (and delighted ) to see pictures of my garden ,at the opening . I also saw that you have brought Cliftoria ( may be spelt different ) I know a lot about that building including the previous owner .If you ever wanted to know more (or at least what I know ) I would be happy to talk with you both.
    The VKG has progressed a lot since you saw it and is maturing into a very sustainable garden and now well grown looks very different .
    Email me if you would like to know more ,and in the mean time I hope you enjoy the process of restoration of your beautiful building .

  2. Hi John and Sharen, not sure if i can be much help but my parents actually owned Cliftoria in the 70’s. If you have any questions I can try to help.

    • Thanks for contacting us. It is great to hear from others who have owned the place. I’m not sure exactly what sort of questions we have. We are interested in any details of the previous history you could share with us. We would be grateful for copies of any pictures you might have.

  3. Hi John and Sharen,

    I was fascinated to read about your restoration project. My great grandfather was Henry George Chard (1832-1917), who apparently owned the Argyle Brewery after Kennedy. I would be delighted to learn of any photo(s) of the Argyle Brewery. Henry George came to Australia about 1842 from Long Sutton in Somerset.

    • I too would be delighted to find any pictures of the Argyle Brewery. Also more of Cliftoria too. I’ve read it was on the Faithful Street side but have yet to find any pictures of it. If I ever do I will be posting it in this blog. There are now two houses on that site. I’m not sure when the brewery shut down but one of those houses might be 1920s although I’m really guessing at its age. If you do happen to find a picture of the brewery we too would like a copy.

  4. Henry George Chard (1832-1917) purchased the Argyle Brewery, on the corner Clifford and Faithful Streets, Goulburn in 1887 (Goulburn Herald 27 August 1887 p5.) and sold it three years later to William Allen (Deutsher, K: ‘Breweries of Australia’, Lothian Books p.40). When I find a photograph, I will let you know.

  5. Hi
    I was quite shocked yesterday driving down Clifford street to see what I thought was Asian colonial architecture in Goulburn. I have spent time in the Dutch fort Galle, Sri Lanka, Goa India and recently Penang. Your house looks like it has been transported directly from one of those places. The other interesting feature is the Chinese style hat over the outer window. I am sure I’m not the first to notice is there any evidence of an influence from this style of architecture?

  6. As far as I know the builder, Daniel Kennedy, had never been to Asia. I’m no expert but I have thought that the thick columns look more like something inspired from India than Europe. It is a bit weird looking and I haven’t found anything else quite like it as a Victorian era building in Australia.

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