Cliftoria – A building’s life story

This history will be added to as we find out more about Cliftoria.

10 May 1858 Daniel Kennedy purchased the large block of land on Clifford Street, Goulburn, from John Hadwick for £15.  Daniel Kennedy then built the house on that block and it was named by him as Cliftoria.

1869 Daniel Kennedy paid £1/10/- rates on a house with 11 rooms, outbuildings, and garden on Clifford Street. Therefore Cliftoria was built sometime between 1858 and 1868. For further rate payment details see the blog post at Cliftoria rate details

05 April 1880 Map of the town of Goulburn in the County of Argyle shows D. Kennedy owning blocks 9 and 10 in Section 15 in the corner of Clifford and Faithful Streets.

1882     Drawn as part of the illustrated town map of Goulburn as part of the colony of New South Wales  Cliftoria in 1882

1882     The Goulburn and District Directory for 1882-83 page 39, Kennedy, E.H.; Kennedy, D. senr.; Kennedy, D. junr.; Kennedy, Thos. C.; all listed as plasterers at Clifford Street, Goulburn.

1888     Drawn as part of the illustrated town map of Goulburn as part of the colony of New South Wales  Cliftoria in 1888

1890     Daniel Kennedy owned two blocks on Clifford Street of 94 feet (empty) and 123 feet (home) according to the Goulburn rates books.

1900     Mrs Kennedy paid rates on the 217 feet

1906     Estate of Mrs Kennedy paid rates on 217 feet while Miss Alice Kennedy occupied the home

July 1913     Cliftoria opened as Nurse Clara Mulholland’s Private Hospital. More details about being a hospital is available on the 09 November 2017 blog post “Cliftoria as a hospital”.

July 1915     Cliftoria ceased operating as Nurse Mulholland’s Private Hospital and all furnishings and surgery equipment were sold.

05 October 1915         Boarding House run by E. Swift

23 October 1915         Vacancies for First class Board and Residence at “Cliftoria” Clifford Street

11 November 1916    Private Clarence E. Swift 24 years old of Cliftoria boards the HMAT Suevic at Sydney for WWI (mother Ellen Swift) He does return from the war.

23 November 1916    To let or for sale, “Cliftoria” Clifford street, Large house suitable for good boarding house,  C.E. Gilling, Clifford street

24 November 1916   Furniture Sale Friday, Nov. 24th, 2:30 p.m. O. H. FURNER AND COMPANY Have received instructions from the Misses Swift to sell by auction, At their Residence, “Cliftoria,” Clifford-street, On the Above date The whole furnishings of Dining room, 5 Bedrooms, etc., Oak Sideboard, Bedsteads,Mattresses, Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Cane Chairs and Settees, Washstands and Ware, Linoleums and Sundries. 1 Lawn Mower, 1 Carpenter’s Bench.  As the Misses Swift are relinquishing housekeeping everything must be sold.

25 October 1917         Wanted Refined girl, Housemaid Waitress, “Cliftoria” Clifford Street

08 January 1918          Working as a Boarding House again with advertisements for board and residence with vacancies for 3 gentlemen

01 August 1918          For sale one pram in good order. Apply Mrs J. Roffe, Cliftoria, Clifford St.

15 October 1918        Vacancies for two gentleman boarders. Cliftoria Clifford Street

28 December 1922    To let. Two unfurnished rooms and kitchen. Use of all conveniences. Apply 128 Clifford Street   p 3. Goulburn Evening Penny Post

15 February 1923     Funeral. The Relatives and Friends of Miss S. J. McCallum, of 128 Clifford Street are kindly invited to attend the funeral of her late beloved nephew, Harvey Alexander McCallum, to leave Craig’s Private Mortuary Chapel, Goldsmith street, to-morrow (Friday) morning, at 10 o’clock, for Presbyterian Portion General Cemetery.  p 3. Goulburn Evening Penny Post

26 April 1923             Furnished and unfurnished rooms to let. Cliftoria 128 Clifford St

09 August 1923          For sale Three Fuel stoves in first class order equal as new, one No 3. Metters, and two No 7. Metters. Inspection 128 Clifford Street.  For sale Quantity of furniture first class order, also six new bedsteads and bedding. Apply 128 Clifford Street. p 3. Goulburn Evening Penny Post

17 June 1924                On Account Owner: Property known as “Cliftoria”, Clifford Street, land 88×165, weekly rental £3 10/  p 4. Goulburn Evening Penny Post

22 September 1925   Cliftoria Flats, To Let, 5 Flats, all large airy rooms, all absolutely separate and self contained with all conveniences. The above flats are only just completed and will be ready for occupation on the 21 September 1925. Apply Betts and Son

26 September 1925   Cliftoria had been converted into 5 flats. To let 5 flats. All large airy rooms. Absolutely separate and self-contained with all conveniences. Apply Betts and Son

03 October 1925        To let 3 flats. Apply Betts and Son

25 March 1926            For auction the estate of Mrs A.E. Jones, late of Cliftoria Flats. New Oak Dining room Suite, comprising 6 chairs and Round Table, Oak Couch, Small Oak table, Rexonola and Records, 2 Sea-grass Chairs, 3 Cushions, 2 Single iron Beds and Bedding. Quilts, Chest of Drawers, New Lino (3 rooms and hall), kitchen Dresser, glass doors, Kitchen Table and 2 Chairs,Crockery; Glassware and all Kitchen Utensils. 2 tin trunks, other sundries too numerous to mention. The above must be sold to wind up the Estate. H. L. BROADHEAD, Auctioneer, Goulburn

c. 1928                         Postcard of Cliftoria.

01 May 1928                Cliftoria is shown in the May edition of The Home

08 May 1928             Chief Secretary’s Department, Sydney, 8th May, 1928. HIS Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has appointed the undermentioned persons to the Commission of the Peace for the State of New South Wales …… Little, Leslie John, No. 2 Cliftoria Flats, Clifford-street, Goulburn; ……

1930                              Barrister at law, Selwyn Frederick Betts, paid the rates for Cliftoria as a block of flats.

08 June 1936               Mrs Tom McDonald of Cliftoria Flats is a patient at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

1941                             Peter S. Betts paid the rates for Cliftoria as a block of flats.

04 May 1943             Mrs E. Stidwell of 128 Clifford Street, was admitted to the Goulburn District Hospital yesterday. p 3. Goulburn Evening Post

02 July 1947          A surprise party of about 19 gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. Nesbitt, of 128 Clifford Street, to celebrate the birthday of their only daughter; Wilbur. Games and musical items were enjoyed, and the party was kept moving by Mr. Alf. Stone, who was M.C. and Quiz Master for the occasion. Miss Shirley Hill and Miss Clare Woodhouse were heard in solo numbers. A dainty supper, with a special birthday cake, was served. p 2. Goulburn Evening Post

30 January 1948 A housing Commission ballot for 40 two bedroom flats in Sydney had one winner being F.L. Well, 128 Clifford Street, Goulburn. p 4. Sydney Morning Herald.

10 February 1948  Goulburn Ex-serviceman Mr K.J. Collins of 128 Clifford Street drew a soldier settlement block on the Currandooley Estate, near Bungendore. p 1. Goulburn Evening Post

16 December 1949 A housing commission ballot for Goulburn houses was held in the Town Hall yesterday afternoon. One of the winners for a three bedroom house in the non-services category was L.K. Austin from 128 Clifford Street. p 5. Goulburn Evening Post

25 May 1950      Take notice that I, Neil Abbott Newton, formerly of 128 Clifford Street but now of 62 Clifford Street, Goulburn served as Articled Clerk to Walter Preston Baker of Goulburn Solicitors intend to apply on the 9th of June 1950 to be admitted  as a solicitor of the Supreme Court NSW  p 17. The Sydney Morning Herald

24 July 1953            Mrs. R. Collins, of 128 Clifford Street, is a patient in St. John of God Hospital.  p 1. Goulburn Evening Post

September 1960       An architectural survey of Goulburn and District, New South Wales,  By Donald Coleman included three photographs of Cliftoria and some writing.            

1960s                             Some sort of concrete coating was applied to the outside of Clifftoria

09 March 1991            Restoration of the exterior of Cliftoria and painting to its current colours. Cliftoria is still five flats.

1995                               Work done on updating and repairing the dormer windows

11 July 2002                  Sold at auction

2007                              Wind damage to front balcony repaired

February 2011            Advertisement 1/128 Clifford Street for rent

April 2011                     Advertisement 4/128 Clifford Street for rent

May 2013                     Advertisement 1/128 Clifford Street for rent

2013                               Work was done to convert the 5 flats back into one building. The aim of the owner was to turn Cliftoria into an art gallery with accommodation but the work was not completed when the building was put up for sale due to financial issues.

10 August 2013          Sold to us

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